NSS unit of Uttaranchal University organized "Plantation Drive"

UU Doon


Recognizing the pressing need to mitigate the environmental challenges faced by our planet, a plantation drive was organized in the Podwala on August 6th, 2022. 

The primary objective of the plantation drive at Podwala was to encourage community participation in tree plantation activities and raise awareness about the critical role trees play in combating climate change, conserving biodiversity, and improving the overall environmental health of the area. By engaging local residents, students, environmental organizations, and volunteers, the event aimed to promote a sense of collective responsibility towards environmental conservation.

On the sunny morning of August 6th, 200 NSS  volunteers gathered at the designated location, which had been prepared with rows of saplings ready for planting. The event commenced with a brief introduction highlighting the significance of tree plantation and its positive impact on the environment. Local authorities, environmentalists, and community leaders shared inspiring speeches, emphasizing the need for sustainable practices and collective efforts to address ecological challenges. the event was coordinated by Dr. V.K. Srivastava.

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