YUVA Fest-2024: Uttaranchal University Organized Inter-Collegiate Competition and Mini-Carnival

Uttaranchal University


The Cultural and Event Committee of Uttaranchal University orchestrated an Inter-Collegiate Competition and Mini-Carnival as part of YUVA Fest 2024 on April 10, 2024, igniting the students' fervour and excitement. The inter-collegiate competition witnessed spirited participation, demonstrating the students' deep-seated interest, fervour, and ingenuity, offering them a memorable experience. Simultaneously, the mini-carnival was a delightful spectacle as students showcased their organizational prowess while relishing the day to its fullest.

The opening day of YUVA Fest commenced with a ceremony blessed by the sincere wishes of the Honourable Chancellor of Uttaranchal University, Shri Jitender Joshi, along with esteemed chief guest Smt. Anuradha Joshi Ji.

It included the following competitions:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Tattoo Making
  • Sketching and Painting
  • Junkyard Wars
  • E-Gaming Championship
  • Shoe Painting
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Rangoli Making
  • Photography and Video Making 

The winners of the diverse competitions from various academic schools were as follows:

  • Treasure Hunt: UIM (Winner)
  • Rangoli Making: USCS- I Rank, UIM- II Rank
  • Tattoo Making: SALS- I Rank, SLA- II Rank
  • Flower Arrangement: LCD- I Rank, USCS- II Rank
  • Sketching: UIM- I Rank, USCS- II Rank
  • Painting: LCD- I Rank, USCS- II Rank
  • Junkyard Wars: UIM- I Rank, UCN- II Rank
  • Videography: UIM- I Rank, SALS- II Rank
  • Photography: SALS- I Rank, UIM- II Rank 

UIM emerged as the victorious department in the inter-collegiate competition, securing the top spot on the leader board.

The mini-carnival provided students with a delightful and relaxing experience, where they indulged in food stalls, games, and shopping to their heart's content. It offered them a break from their routine, allowing them to unwind and create cherished memories throughout the day.

The success of Day 1 of YUVA Fest stands as a testament to the dedication of the Cultural and Event Committee in enhancing students' experiences and enjoyment.

Under the guidance of Chairperson UUCEC, Prof. (Dr.) Bharti Ramola and her team of faculty coordinators from various schools of Uttaranchal University, along with the student body UUCEC, led by President Mr. Vansh Taneja, Krishna Gupta, Shreya Pant, Shreshthta Chowdhury, Pankaj Kumar, Aryan Singh Negi, Tanisha Rana, Aman Bhatt, Navneet Singh Jawandha, Aditya Kondal, Priya Sharma, Arushi Rana, Aditi Sharma, Apurva Pundir, Ritwik Kumar, Yogita Pal, Mohd. Shadaan, Nishant Rahi, Diya Srivastava, and Sakshi, their commendable coordination ensured the seamless execution of all events.

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